About James & Anna.

We are partners in everything and we started as great friends. Currently, we have our business together, we travel the world but plan to buy a piece of land in Surrey Hills and build our cabin and Russian banya. We are driven and excited about space exploration which defines many of the projects we are working on. We are inseparable and working/living side by side 24/7 because that’s how we like it. 

Ever wondered what happens after the wedding bells ring? While many couples create websites for their weddings, we’ve taken a slightly different route.

We believe that the most exciting part of our journey is still ahead of us. As well as giving you a sneak peek into our big day, we’ve decided to document the wonderful adventures that await us post-wedding.

Consider this your official invitation to follow along as we embark on this incredible journey together. Stay tuned for the magic that comes after “I do”!

James Wallis

Designer, developer and technology professional with a passion for nature and real life exploration.

Anna Parsec

Project manager, space scientist and astronaut-in-training with a strong desire to organise everything in a spreadsheet.

Our pre-wedding ceremony photos.

Pictures from our Wedding Day.

We had photographs taken at all of the saints – St Dunstan’s, St Paul’s and St Pancras before our wedding ceremony at Camden Town Hall in London. Photographs curtsey of Dasha Grebenchuk Photography.