Achievement of the year

PhD Day: 26
Date: 7 March 2024

Can you imagine cycling for 1.5 hours to your place of research and realising that you have forgotten your laptop at home (I actually usually bring two but that day – none) and also that there are two important meetings first thing? I think I managed pretty well considering all of that. My supervisor lucklily was in the lab so we made those calls together. One was in regards our future collaboration with the French Lab which we hope to do next February (2025). The second meeting was actually just between Andrew and I where I briefed him on what I am doing and what kind of questions I have.

The rest of the day I spent by the window reading papers. It was a little hard to stay awake but I’ve managed to read three papers which I was proud of. I wouldn’t have done that if I had a laptop so that’s good.