Attending a doctoral tips and networking event

PhD Day: 5
Date: 7 February 2024

Talking of longer hours, that day I got to the Lab at 8am because that’s a day with many meetings and unless you get there early, there is no chance you would have any focus time. One of the main things I was focused on was the planetary group session that happens every two weeks and where around 12 people are presenting what they are currently working on. I hoped to bring more detailed questions to the meeting but in the end it felt that I went into unnecessary details even when I thought I was being very generic. I’ve identified steps to follow based on that paper I plan to replicate but haven’t gotten further since.

At 2pm James picked me up and we drove to Guildford. At 16:30 I had a Doctoral event with tips and recommendations for PhD years. I found it more useful that networking after that even though I had an opposite expectation. I picked up my new key pass, and two extremely large books on space physics and chemistry.


Presented my current activities and questions at my first Planetary group session.