PhD Day: 15
Date: 21 February 2024

On the way to MSSL took a Surrey Connect bus and there were many other people wanted to get to MSSL. We felt like we were on a school bus. Met Gill who invited me to join the choir. She gave a talk about 24 years of 2 year mission Cluster which was cool. There were parts that survived the detonation at launch (I’ll add them later). Here is the video. Chatted to Becky a lot who is also in the Planetary doom. I am definitely one of the eldest PhD students starting now (currently 33 but many of other PhD students are 25). Saw Ian Hepburn and chatted about his space debris mission. Spoke to Jesse, postdoc, and he shared about his journey ordeals (trains + 30 min cycle). Sent many emails. Not much done and yet done a lot.