Creating a plan for my PhD

PhD Day: 4
Date: 6 February 2024

My PhD working hours are 10-16 including brief lunch. It’s not much and I know that other people prefer to work longer hours (more like 8+ like at a regular full time job) but that’s what my supervisor told me. Plus I have a feeling that when required I’ll definitely be working longer hours but to start with that’s an optimal amount. However, that day I only had 3 hours to work on PhD because the rest of the day James and I were viewing properties to rent.

Despite this short stay at MSSL, I managed to create a presentation for supervisors with the plan of works, research opportunities such as summer school, long-term attachments and conferences for 3.5 years of my PhD, added numerous seminars and talks to my calendar and checked with Jake, another first year student but who started earlier, the upgrade draft (note: that’s like an interim report that needs to be present to the panel to be transferring from Master of Philosophy to a proper PhD candidate in 10 month).


Found a LateX template and know the outline for my upgrade.