Data Focused

PhD Day: 21
Date: 29 February 2024

My day started with a very little time spent on emails but otherwise I was focusing on my data analysis. I used IDL to replicate data from Desai et al, 2017. To stay on track I decided to have a PhD log book and make notes of all my steps, findings and thoughts.

My supervisor’s meeting was at 4pm  (rather than at 11am). I sent out the agenda as I do in the morning to give heads up on what I want to discuss. Usually I prepare slides but this time didn’t. It was a mistake because I kept needed to look for my email to check the next agenda point. I also have great ideas in regards to my slides presentation. Stay tuned!

After the meeting I finally submitted my application for the Summer School – that was the last day to do that. In that application I covered my scientific and engineering backgrounds because the concept of this Summer School in Alpbach Austria is a mission design which will require the knowledge of both.

After that James picked me up and we drove to London to see Neda.