Exploring The English Seaside

by Anna Parsec
Updated: April 7, 2024
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Exploring The English Seaside

It’s the ninth week we are covering (in our weekly journal) and it feels like it’s finally nicely built up in our routine. We often sit at the desk on Sunday nights and wrap up the week, plan the week ahead, complete tasks to stay ahead of the game, send out numerous emails.

Today our weekly journaling has blended nicely into everything we do for all our clients and our personal admin. I guess the reason is in finally polishing off all the steps, knowing without thinking what to do. The only thoughtful bit is this piece of writing. Everything else is a technicality. We like this balance!

This also gives James and I an opportunity to sit and work side by side, elbow to elbow for a good amount of time. We love doing that! With me starting PhD this year, most of the working time I spend in the laboratory and once I am home, I also spend a couple of hours of admin at the desk which is hardly team work. Hence, these Sundays become our time for the two of us. Like a date!

It is not the highlight of our week though! Since I had an Easter holiday at MSSL till Thursday, we had to take advantage of that. Hence, on Wednesday, when most people were back to work, James and I went to Hastings. It was lovely and adventurous!

James was talking about seeing Bognor Regis and to our greatest luck we found a dining table with chairs for our house that was located in Bognor Regis, a popular English seaside resort since the mid-20th century.

So we cover those two trips this week!

Wednesday 3 March 2024

Hastings & Earrings

We both visited Hastings in the past but it was our first time seeing it together. It is always a special experience.
Old Town of Hastings
I am actually surprised that James didn’t take me to every corner he had visited before in that town. Maybe because he was there with his ex-girlfriend and her friends.
James neat the ruined castle in Hastings
So it was more a moment for me to reminisce and show James places I’d been to before but also to avoid them in order to see new places.
Anna in the wind of Hastings
Anna's Selfie

It was very windy so we dressed quite warmly. We had some delicious hot chocolate and chai latte at the pier which created a nice cosy feeling for our beach walk. We spoke to the coffee stand owner Henry (The Barista Boys) about his business model, his plans for scaling up (he has already launched 4 coffee shop points in the South East of England). We often talk about business and different ideas and love chatting to other business owners.

Hastings from the pier

That Henry was new to Hastings (he is from Brighton) but he was told that Maggie’s fish and chip shop was the best one. I am wary of anything below 4.6 stars on google but luckily this chip shop was 4.6 and we confirm that it was good! We had some good relaxing time. I ate fish and James ate all the chips – teamwork!

To conclude our adventures at the end of our visit to Hastings, after taking selfies at the beach I all of a sudden noticed that one of my earrings was missing. I was shocked, upset and really frustrated. These were my mum’s earrings from 30 years ago and I absolutely love and treasure them. Clearly, not well enough. However, we’ve tracked via pictures the last moment I definitely had the earring on, the next moment I didn’t have it. Fortunately, it was a time frame of maybe 30 min max and in the town rather than in the hills. To my greatest surprise and even greater luck the earring was found 30 sec after I started the search since the last known location. Both earrings are reunited. I need to do some serious actions not to loose earrings again.

Lost earring but found
Sunday 7 April 2024

Bognor Regis, Table and Chairs

On Wednesday was the first time I heard about Bognor Regis from James. He said it used to be a popular summer destination for English families. On Saturday I browsed through facebook Marketplace to find a dining table with chairs. We liked one. I messaged but the owner said that someone was coming to collect it. However, late on Saturday he messages us again saying that the table will be ours if we want. And the location – Bognor Regis! Yes, definitely. Two birds with one stone.
Anna and James in Bognor Regis
After collecting our new acquisition for the house, we had a very pleasant hour along the coast. The weather was beautiful. It was the first time for both of us so we were very curious how it all feels.
We walked along the beach, ate a hot dog, watched people and dogs, browsed cafes and their customers.
James and the street art of Bognor Regis
At the end we sat on the beach to look at the sea. The sun was signing, the waves were splashing. We barely noticed time passing by. It was a shame to leave but we also were looking forward to the drive as South Downs of West Sussex turned out to be very pretty!
Monday 1 - Sunday 7 April 2024

Random memories of the week

In London all our spare time we spent in the supermarkets. Now that we live in the countryside, our favourite pastime is visiting garden centres. We’ve been to two of them this week. I know we’ll visit all of them in Surrey, West Sussex and beyond! We haven’t bought much just yet. We are just browsing for now but I have lots of plans.
What else we’ve done. Watched deers through the binoculars from our study. I keep searching for the right type of camellias (I keep trying to find the one I once saw – it looked like it was a giant carnation but like a camellia). And we definitely drove a lot this week.
Our mundane things consisted of working, washing the car from the birds poo (we keep trying to find a spot in front of our house where it wouldn’t happen so often), I watching lots of Miss Marple and re-read A Gentleman in Moscow (which triggered quite a few discussion about Russia and searches for samovars and other old-school Russian things). Finally, we are very happy with our new dining table. Somehow I was searching for a 6-8 sitting dining table (not sure what kind of banquettes I was planning to organise) but actually a 4 seating table is just perfect for us at the moment.
I thought we would show some curated pictures from previous years this week but it turned out it’s too eventful and full with pictures from the present to reminisce about the past. Maybe some day we’ll have a quiet week with nothing to show apart from some bright past. But not today.
1 Apr – 7 Apr 2024
One week at our rented house
Monthly energy bill
Petrol (not for the week, just what we filled up)
Food shopping and a bit of eating out
Amazon purchases and the garden centre (plus £0 for our new dining table)
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