First official meeting with my supervisors

PhD Day: 6
Date: 8 February 2024

It was my first time meeting both of my supervisors at the same time: Prof Andrew Coates, my primary supervisor, and Prof Geraint Jones, my secondary supervisor. It is actually very curious that I saw Geraint presenting at the Astro Fest in Jan 2020 which inspired me so much. And then when I was writing a personal statement to apply for the master’s degree in Jan 2022 I spoke about my aspiration to work with Andrew Coates. In Feb 2024 I was sitting with two of them in the same room discussing that I would be the one designing and testing a space instrument. Isn’t that incredible and unbelievable?

That day there was a talk by Chris Lintott who I had no idea who he was but it turned out that he is like Brian Cox but maybe less known? I wonder what’s the difference.

There was a funny moment when Catherine, the other PhD student, asked me whether I saw Sam that week to which I said “Sam? I have never met Sam” and she replied “You were sitting in front of him at the curry place.:” (note: It was our Christmas dinner on the 1st February).

It was an incredibly rainy day so I used Surrey Connect to get back home.


I know the type of instrument I am going to design, build and test.