Grand piano is in

PhD Day: 82
Date: 30 May 2024

I didn’t go to MSSL because I needed to overlook the move of my grand piano. Funny enough, the piano is connected to the lab in a way because I considered the premises of the lab as a temporary place to store or use my instrument. I mentioned this idea to about 15 people probably.

That was my email to the department manager:

I own a grand piano C.Bechstein which is currently stored in the piano storage. I will attempt to move it in to our upper maisonette flat but it might not be successful. I am looking for a plan B of where to put the piano if the move is not successful. Returning back to the piano storage is my plan C at the moment.

What I thought of is to check with you or with someone who might make such a decision whether my piano (183 cm long) can be either used in one of the rooms or stored on its side in some corner until I move to a ground floor place. I can imagine that just storing it at MSSL is especially a stretch. Hence, using it would be of a lab-wide benefit.

About the piano: it’s a 1899 piano with the mechanism fully changed but it has original beautiful ivory/ebony keys and it all looks quite lovely too. The sound is great! It’s been regularly tuned and repaired so it’s in a great condition. The exterior looks lovely too but it’s all a bit scratchy due to a century old usage so we wouldn’t need to be too precious about any additional scratches.

Pictures to give an impression are attached.

Let me know if it’s a possibility at all or who I should speak to about this matter. Hopefully, it just works out with my Plan A but I wanted to make sure I consider all the options before just returning the piano to storage after the move attempt.

They said:

I discussed your grand piano with Andrew this morning. I am afraid we do not have the space to accommodate the piano, as lovely as it is.

Luckiluy, in the end the piano was in at my house which made me very happy.

I also arranged to meet people from the social commette to arrange the drain, clean and fill of the swimming pool at MSSL. Stay tuned for that!