Just few days left

PhD Day: 85
Date: 3 June 2024

First working day of June which makes me realise how very few days I have left before I present my research at MSSL (12 June 2024), then pitch two of my posters at British Planetary Science Conference in Leicester (18-21 June 2024), then submit my pore-upgrade report (30 June 2024). Very important month that will require producing lots of results. Hopefully, work done so far will be sufficient to bring myself a bit forward and then present it all.

I’ve crosseed out so many admin tasks today as well including arrangements for the Astrogazers visit to the lab on 28th June (it was rescheduled from 4th june because NASA and UKSA are coming on 4th June).

I’ve outlined my slides for the talk at the Common room (hopefully, if the projector is installed by then! because I don’t want to present online). It all looks good but I still need to do lots of work to actually complete it.

I’ve submitted an abstract to present at Centre for Planetary Sciences CPS Summer Meeting on Thu 4th July 2024. It will be my second talk there.

The image shows all sorts of postcards that we have in our room at MSSL. They are a very interesting read. People seem very creative with what they write at the back over about 20 years.