List To Do

PhD Day: 13
Date: 19 February 2024

Is having 50 tasks on the list to do too much? Well, that’s how I spent the first 2 hours of this day. I went through all my notebooks notes, all the questions that I had, some of my flagged emails. After all that work I felt satisfied, tired and hungry. So I had lunch which felt so strange. All I did before lunch on Monday is creating a list to do.

Fine! I also categorised them all into red (critical), yellow (better be done very soon), blue (useful to do but not critical if not done for some reason) and purple (business because I needed to put those thoughts out of my head not to think about them until the evening).

After lunch I tried my best to keep my head only on Red category which wasn’t easy but I’ve managed to sort it out (yes, a moved a couple of things from red to yellow because I thought that I overestimated their importance today. And yes, it was too scary to start working on those).

I am very proud that I’ve already drafted my slide for the Planetary Group session on Wednesday which tells what I am working on these days.

Planetary session slide for 21 Feb 2024
Planetary session slide for 21 Feb 2024