Nailing down the equation

PhD Day: 80
Date: 28 May 2024

The title is close but not to close to what I was doing today. Yes, I was trying to nail down the equation that I am going to use in my code. In fact, I am already using an equation from another paper (Wellbock et al., 2013) but I wanted to understand where it’s all coming from and whether it’s all correct. Well, it is all correct! And I now know the origin of it all. I have also identified all sorts of parameters and conversions that need to happen. I have values for some but for most important things that I need to figure out I haven’t leant enough just yet. What I need to take into account:

  • Spacecarft potential for Cassini flybe E3
  • Langmiur probe data for spacecraft potential calcualtion
  • using the photoelectron peak for that too
  • Calibration data for Cassini-CAPS-ELS
  • Electron exaction from negative ion counts
  • Errors and uncertainties
  • Instrument energy resolution
  • Energy angle response function


If you are reading this and not really understanding what’s it all about, don’t worry. Me neither. I understand the concept of those, I understand the principles but I don’t know the details. That will be the next step.

I also had a Drupal training today to be cleared for editing the MSSL website. It was quite intense and even though I am in web development business, it was fairely difficult to grasp it all at once. I got there in the end. My next steps are:

  1. Identify what the point of the dedicated Planetary Science page is
  2. Figure out the strategy
  3. Delegate content writing
  4. Collect all the materials
  5. Once the Drupal change is over, I change everything all at once