Needing a Proper Rest

by Anna Parsec
Updated: May 27, 2024
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Northern light in the south of England 10 May 2024

After the events of last week you’d think that we needed a proper rest and recovery. As much as we tried our best to do that, we always find it hard due to the number of projects, activities and aspirations we have. Short week but quite a few ‘first things’ this week.

Monday 6 May 2024

Working Bank Holiday

It was a bank holiday which we actually planned to spend working. We had quite a few things we needed to catch up with. However, both of us felt absolutely exhausted mentally abd physically. I spent pretty much the whole day watching two parts of Dune and James was trying not to do that because ‘once he was already forced to watch if once’.

Watching Dune Part Two
Tuesday 7 May 2024

The 4 a.m. mystery

That was a long day for sure because I needed to deliver two scientific posters for revision and delivery by Wednesday morning. Nothing was ready as of Tuesday morning. All the efforts of Tuesday morning, afternoon, night and early hours of Wednesday were devoted to that project. I have no idea what I would do without James and his design skills. We both went to bed at 4am pleased with the result.

Anna at the North gate of MSSL
Wednesday 8 May 2024

After a lack of sleep

After a lack of sleep, getting up at 7:30 to send the post during more reasonable hours for co-authors and supervisor’s revision, I spent the day at the lab making sure the posters are printed but also trying to do some research. We were both quite invigorated by the realisation that people at the lap gather for a game of football every Wednesday afternoon. We observed it a little but I am keen to see James playing there. He is so sexy when he takes a penalty.

Anna at MSSL with football match happening behind her
Thursday 9 May 2024

Second Scan

We travelled to East Surrey Hospital for our second pregnancy scan just to confirm what we already saw a week before.

We felt almost nothing. We are not sure whether we are in shock or we just process everything so well. After speaking to the nurse, the realisation that miscarriage is inconvenient at this time and we prefer to postpone it after two conferences made us laugh with sadness.

We were too busy for things like that! It’s a joke but based on real life. In the end what we decided is to see whether the miscarriage would progress naturally which is slowly happening. We’ll see how slowly but surely. In another week, if we are still not confident about the end of pregnancy, we’ve opted for the surgery to sort it all with vacuum.

After all that experience we did need to do something nice for a change. We stopped in Reigate, had chai latte and hot chocolate, bought peonies and had a lovely sunny walk.

James in Reigate

Friday 10 May 2024

Aurora sky and nice people

After deciding whether to go to London together or not, we decided that I should go by myself while James stays behind to do a bit of work but mainly rest.

I had a very important busy day in London. It was my first conference to attend as a doctoral researcher. The event was at the Royal Astronomical Society where I was presenting a new space instrument’s design.

It was all very interesting and exciting. I felt invigorated so I wasn’t ready to just travel home so I met my friend Tanya for a catch up after her trip to Japan. On the way home I realised that the forecasted aurora happened much earlier. It was forecasted for 3am. Instead, this beautiful event started around 22:30 until about midnight.

As soon as I got to the Warnham station, I started looking to the north. James met me. There was another guy who got off so we all started talking. Luke was going to walk home which would take 20 min but we were keen to drop him off knowing how long it feels along the dark country roads after we’d experienced them a few weeks before. On the way we took pictures of aurora, spoke about our businesses and science. Great to meet some nice people!

What a joy it was to keep watching aurora borealis from our garden and our windows. It was the first time for both of us and we were very pleased.

Observing northern lights for the first time in southern England 10 may 2024
Saturday 11 May 2024

Beautiful countryside walks

We do know that it is Saturday and we don’t have to do anything. However, we do end up doing lots and everything. The list of things to do and chores to do is massive.

We decided to do everything on Saturday but treat Sunday as a precious untouchable day with plenty of rest. We were pleased we managed to have a walk and yet again felt happy with the area we live in right now. So lucky that we can just go for a walk in the beautiful countryside right outside our house.

Anna on a walk around Warnham fields
Sunday 12 May 2024

Rest Not Rest

We woke up with full determination to rest but the list of chores quite quickly reminded us that there is no time for rest. Nto much rest anyway. We travelled to Crawley to do a couple of returns, take the helium canister to the recycling centre socne we were nearby and explore the Littlehaven station area because that’s where we are going to walk on Monday early morning and travel to Gatwick.

I spoke to my grandma because to say happy birthday. She shared yet another life recommendation which yet again puzzled me because I just couldn’t believe that would be one thing you’d need to keep in mind for life. That promted James and I discussing what would be our life lessons if we needed to pass them on right now. James said ‘save at least £50 every month no matter what’. I thought for quite some time and said ‘learn Maths and English (or a language)’. What would be yours? 

Anna among blooming bushes in Crawley

If you are curious, here are our living costs for this week 18 of the year (6-12 May 2024).

5-12 May 2024
One week of rent of a one bedroom house in West Sussex but near Surrey Hills
Phone and energy bills
Petrol and parking
Several small food visits
Couldn’t remember what it was
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