No time for reflection

PhD Day: 22
Date: 1 March 2024

I thought I would have a day for reflection and data analysis but at 09:45 I realised that I am again triple booked: research in Python, Literature Review and Writing Introductions. While setting up everything on a new desk, connecting to new WiFi (Ultrafast – so pleased!), I was trying to open all the courses to make decisions about what I would be listening to the most. It turned out that for one of them I was still on a waiting list. Good – just two to attend! Easy.

I was mainly participating in the Python course where I seemed to be the only person ever speaking. doing exercises and sharing my screen to show my code. I didn’t mind! I love private lessons but this time there were also spectators which I also like due to my nature of a performer.

I managed to listen and participate in the Lit Review chat. People were sharing lots of frustrations due to very common issues: time management, priorities, procrastination, focus. I decided to just fix that. I know how. This sort of reassurance also helps. Just stop looking for excuses.

Scheduled calls with the potential laboratory in Paris-Saclay University and with the laboratory in Johns Hopkins university to discuss how we can collaborate.