Our Honeymoon

by Anna Parsec
Updated: September 3, 2023
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We love hiking. We also really enjoy travelling around the UK (some of our best holidays). We also quite enjoy watching the film The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. So quite early on, even before we knew how and when we were going to do wedding, we were keen to have our honeymoon in the style of The Trip: travelling around by car, eating in nice restaurants. We did add hiking to our plan. And not as many restaurants.

The main aim was The Lake District. I had never been there before so I was looking forward to seeing that environment. We set off on Monday 24th July.
On the first day we travelled for most of the day and arrived at the hotel at 6pm. Just rested afterwards by having a bath with champagne (in our hands – not actually bathing in champagne). We love having baths together because it allows us to chat about everything in a relaxed and distraction free environment.

On Tuesday 25th July 2023 we set off to see the Helm Crag, one of the local peaks. That’s where we were enjoying the views of the nature around us (and fighter jets training in the valleys? – we are still not sure how usual it was). In the evening we were swimming in one of the local lakes which at first seemed cold but it was in the sun and we got accustomed to the temperature. We loved it!

The next day, Wednesday 26th July 2023, we had our 5-6 hour walk to reach Fairfield Peak following the Fairfield Horseshoe path.

It was relatively challenging and long. At the end of the walk we decided to cut through the hill because we worried that we would be late for the restaurant. However, it turned out to be quite an adventure with being stuck in a field of ferns by some barbed wire fences and rivers to cross. We remained alive!

One of the main restaurant destinations of our honeymoon was the visit to L’Enclume, a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. We’ll cover that in our separate review (yet to come!). It was definitely an experience.

On Thursday morning (27th July) we checked out of our Grasmere hotel and once we were already sitting in the car, we were deciding where to go: south back to London, north to Scotland or west to Wales. A couple of minutes later we were setting the navigator to Edinburgh where we got to at around 4pm.

That night we explored the city after eventually finding a car parking space at the bottom of Arthurs Seat, found a hotel to stay in (thanks for the wedding gift, Olya!) and managed to book a table at a restaurant called Scotts Kitchen where I tried haggis (which I now love!) and enjoyed whisky. We had a very Scottish night with the sound of bagpipes on every street corner, and when we got back to the Murrayfield Hotel, Braveheart was on to top it all off. We were pretty lucky to get a hotel room at a reasonable price considering how busy the city is with tourists like us. It’s a good job it wasn’t a week later when the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was in town.

On Friday (28th July) we visited a couple of museums, made our own coins and visited James’ cousin Elizabeth, her husband and dad, who is James’ uncle who happened to be visiting too. What a lovely family visit! While still sitting with them, we were wondering where to drive next. Inverness was one of the places we thought to go but we were guided to closer locations. Which led us to Perthshire which we were very glad about.
On Saturday morning (29th July) we visited the Hermitage waterfalls and explored the country on the way to Glencoe which we fell in love with.
We wondered whether we could quickly climb Ben Nevis on Sunday (for those a little less familiar with it, it is the highest mountain in Scotland, the United Kingdom and the British Isles with the summit of 1,345 metres (4,413 ft)). We even drove to Fort William but it was impossible to find any accommodation for the night so we gave up and travelled to Ben Cruachan.

I soon realised that it is one of the Outlander locations which I was ecstatic about. For quite a number of years I have been watching this show so I absolutely loved to see the places for real. It was funny that The Outlander’s last couple of seasons were portraying the US and I loved the scenery and started dreaming about visiting them. To my greatest luck and surprise, it turned out that everything was filmed in Scotland. It all just confirmed to me how beautiful Scotland is and definitely to our liking. Also, starting last year I kind of started really enjoying Harry Potter because it was about studies and saving the world (that’s what I do on a day-to-day basis haha) so I could relate to many things in the films. Anyway, it was nice to see those films’ locations too.

On Sunday we woke up to some beautiful scenery (like any other day but we always feel very grateful for that) and drove to Inveraray which was a lovely village we definitely wanted to explore but we needed to start moving down towards London.

After seeing Loch Lomond and eating deep fried Mars for the first time, we started a confident drive down to London and arrived by midnight.
7 days. 6 nights. 1200 miles. 2 proper hikes. 1 argument (about something silly). Lots of new places. Lots of bath hours. Lots of love and gratitude for each.

Here is our honeymoon in pictures.

James says: We also have a few honeymoon montages put together by GoPro if you fancy having a quick look. Please don’t mind the soundtracks chosen by GoPro but we think they did an okay job of capturing the moments to give a feel of our adventures. We would like to put together our own 20 minute video but we never have the luxury of time to film the full story, gather the footage, edit it, and make it perfect for viewing. We definitely don’t know how creators and YouTubes do it, especially when they need to be present in the moment so they can enjoy it whilst still filming.

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