Our Wedding Day

by Anna Parsec
Updated: January 20, 2024
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Our wedding requirements

We knew we were going to get married at some point. However, we never properly visualised how it was going to be. There were key things we wanted to have at our wedding though. First of all, we wanted to be with our friends. Secondly, we wanted to have lots of time socialising rather than following the routine of the wedding. Less formalities – more social time. Thirdly, we wanted to have good pictures afterwards to reminisce about the day. Considering our requirements, the wedding day turned out a 100% success and we are pleased how it all went. Let’s start from the beginning.

Wedding Breakfast

We had our wedding breakfast where we got ready: makeup and hair. It was all done with the help of my mum Gala and our friend and housemate Neda. I love how relaxing, fun and free-flowing it all was. No rush, worry or stress. We were just enjoying our time.

Beforehand, the photographer and I had created the schedule to follow. My aim was to have as much of a natural habitat as possible: to capture where we were living, how we were travelling on a day-to-day basis. Hence, no hotels and limos.

11:30-12:00 – getting ready at home
12:00-12:30 – travel by Thameslink
12:30-14:30 – Three Saints walk: St Paul’s, St Dunstan’s, St Pancras
14:45-15:00 – wedding ceremony
15:00-15:30 – pictures with friends

Also, we had a wedding itinerary for our friends that we sent out a week before the wedding (you can view it here). That was pretty much our official notice – a week before. Thank you all for making an effort to be with us with at such short notice!

Without further ado, here is the day in pictures and a couple of comments.

Getting Ready

We were getting ready together because that’s how we do everything.

James’ outfit was purchased in Varese, Italy when we were visiting our friend Antonio (who was also one of our witnesses). Buying the wedding outfit was a spontaneous decision. Just before that I was upset that we hadn’t got a booking in the risotteria I wanted to go to, so as a consolation James suggested shopping for his outfit. 

I was looking for a dress for months if not years and I couldn’t find anything suitable. However, I fell in love with the dress of the brand Mila (their customer service is a joy) so that was the dress. Very pleased! It is also the dress I plan to wear and enjoy well beyond the wedding day.

Did I say ‘without further ado’? Doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, back to the day.

Three Saints Walk

As soon as we got dressed, we left to get to West Hampstead Thameslink station. Now we have our own wedding station and wedding platform.

After that we took a couple of pictures at the Millenium Bridge.

Then at St Paul’s.

Then we found the taxi rank where a black cab driver who ended up being really nice and friendly kept saying that ‘no, we can’t have a black cab and that we should go for the silver transit van that was the first in the queue’. Reasoning that we would prefer a black cab on our wedding day didn’t seem persuasive enough. However, someone luckily came along and took that transit van in front so we fortunately ended up with the black cab we wanted. Also, it was probably the first time we took a black cab in London and even with all the confusion it was still much easier than waiting for an Uber.

We did a couple of pictures at the Ruined Church of St Dunstan.
As you can see we had a couple of angles: the photographer was taking all the pictures and my mum was doing the same + backstage. Quite literally.
Two saints were done. I should probably say that The Three Saints Walk was not the intention but just how it happened. We thought of some straightforward locations near each other, iconic enough but without being too cheese, close to where we needed to be in the end. The Three Saints Walk was the answer to this.
Now, to the third saint – St Pancras, which is located just in front of the Camden Town Hall where we got married.

Wedding Ceremony

I thought I could get away without any side notes but it doesn’t seem possible. The wedding registrar was Joanne who we met quite a number of times. First, she was the lady who led my British Citizenship ceremony on 12th April 2023 where we spoke to her afterwards and asked all about New Zealand where she is from. Then she was the person replying to all my emails (I sent a dozen – just wanted to clarify all the details). Then she was the person to accept our wedding notices and interview us. And then she was our wedding registrar. In the case of the latter, this might not have been a coincidence. I did say in one of the emails that at that point we definitely hoped she would be the one to officiate our marriage considering how many key events she had already overseen. We were pleased it was her in the end!

We were pleased that it was us getting married. Who knew! After so many years of being friends (did you read our story?) we were getting married.

It all felt very right. I was impressed when James said ‘I will’ because if I would have gone first with confirming my intentions I would have forgotten what I should have said: ‘I will’, ‘I do’, ‘Yes’ or something. However, otherwise, the ceremony was surprisingly easy to follow. And fast!


After the ceremony we had our Immediate Drinks in the pub around the corner where we also took pictures with our friends.

After an hour or so we started moving towards Bobby Fitzpatrick which is our usual date location. We got there by Thameslink again.

BobbyF is a cocktail bar and we quite enjoy sipping cocktails there on a random evening.

The wedding cake was handmade following our family recipe. I make that cake for all the birthdays. It was quite funny that at some point before the cake time the bar manager found me and showed me a picture of the cake that apparently fell on its side. I pretty much said just to tip it back to its right position and hurry up with taking it out. It didn’t influence the taste!

The wedding cake launch was at 6pm because some of our guests were travelling. I say ‘launch’ because we had a rocket on the top of it with 4 thrusters as a tribute to our journey and space theme of life. Adam, our witness, did a great job of lighting the cake even though I think he may have got slightly burnt in the process.
We stayed in the bar until 10pm or so and when most of the guests had left apart from the core group, we relocated to our house which was 10 min away.
There we had a wedding croquet match in the garden with drinks and snacks which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Around 3am we were getting ready for bed feeling very happy. Going to sleep together is our best moment of the day that we cherish so much.

Here you can view all the photographer’s pictures and here – pictures taken by my mum and friends.

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First published on: August 20, 2023

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