Plotting Our Dream: Land Project

by James & Anna
Updated: May 28, 2024
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Morning fog in West Sussex fields

Some people dream about buying a house, some people dream about moving to another country, some people dream about becoming mortgage free. We dream about our piece of land.

Working on currently: identifying the location for further plot hunt

1 Jan 2022 - 30 Jun 2028


We want to live in a place that has beautiful views all around, where we can build whatever we want and where we can keep developing our living conditions for decades to come.

What exactly do we want to build?

We are dreaming about things like Russian banya, pizza oven and a cabin that is just about big enough for everything essential.

What will it look like?

James’ drawing of our dream land project…
Our Initial Dream Land Sketch

Cabin & Banya: £110,000

Land: £100,000

What is the timeline?

We are dreaming about things like Russian banya, pizza oven and a cabin that is just about big enough for everything essential.

by: Monday 31 August 2026
Searching & Saving
Saving to purchase our land and finding the right piece of land for us.
by: Monday 31 August 2026
by: Monday 4 May 2027
Starting the construction of the first stage of our small cabin.
by: Monday 4 May 2027
by: Friday 30 June 2028
Moving in
Moving in to our cabin and starting to live and develop our home.
by: Friday 30 June 2028

What’s our plan when buying our dream piece of land?

  1. We are searching the location (county or district) somewhere in the UK where we would start looking for that perfect plot of land.
  2. We will start joining all the local community groups and asking their members if anyone is willing to sell a plot of land.
  3. We will find where we can buy a ready cabin to install it on our land as soon as we are there.
  4. We are in regular communications with the planning consultant. As soon as we have a good plot to review, we’ll send it his way.
  5. We will design or figure out how to build Anna’s dream banya (it will be a replica of the banya he granddad had built in the Ural Mountains).
  6. We will design our future dream house so that we keep in mind all the locations.
  7. We will figure out all the amenities with the emphasis on being off grid.
  8. We purchase that piece of land
  9. We build a banya
  10. We deliver and construct the cabin
  11. We plan everything we want to grow

Our preliminary understanding of the budget

Estimated Cost
Land Project Estimation
Land Purchase
1 acre of land with a terraced landscape, water source and stunning views
Design and Planning
Planning consultant, planning application, architectural and design fees, surveys and reports
Site Preparation
Removing trees, rocks, and debris and laying the cabin and banya foundations
Purchasing a cabin and labour costs to construct it on site
Utilities Installation
Figuring out all the electricity (solar panels), water (a well) and sewage system

Resources we find helpful in our journey

At the moment we are watching quite a few videos to see how people are doing things.
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First published on: May 26, 2024

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