Processing all the activities a PhD entails

PhD Day: 12
Date: 16 February 2024

Another day of a reflection necessary for my PhD path. It was not intentional but definitely so needed for me in order to process all the activities, knowledge acquired, and possibly act on administrative tasks on my list. I haven’t done much it seemed but that’s okay.

I did do notes in my research log because I made a notification to do that every Friday. In the morning I was notified that I was accepted to present a poster at the conference in Dublin in May and it will be supported financially as part of an early career travel support scheme. Andrew heard a good response in regards to my long term attachment from the US so we’ll wait for a response from France and then plan my application for this whole venture.


Accepted to present at the conference in May with financial support and heard from the US that I could go there for a long-term attachment.