After many attempts of finding the right pancakes recipe, I realised that I need to simply call my grandma as she is the queen of pancakes. Here it is in my own experience.
Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Total: 50 mins
Servings: 15
Meal Difficulty: Medium


  1. Take out eggs and milk out of the refrigerator one hour ahead of cooking time.
  2. Break eggs in a large mixing bowl, add sugar, salt and baking soda (3”S”).
  3. Start adding a bit of milk and a bit of flour one after another to whisk it all into a smooth, liquid batter. The amount of flour largely depends on the liquids, so don’t add too much flour at first but rather add it when you see that it’s needed.
  4. Add water and check the consistency. Add flour if required. The batter should be thicker than double cream but more liquid than creme fraiche.
  5. Whisk in oil.
  6. Leave the batter at room temperature for an hour or so before you start making pancakes.
  7. Whenever possible use a cast iron pan on gas but I guess any will do as long as it works. Heat through the pan really well then reduce the fire setting.
  8. Use the baking brush to oil the pan.
  9. While holding the pan in one hand in the air, add a ladle of batter into the pan into the centre of the pan, roll the pan all around to cover the whole bottom. Test with the quantity of batter to reach a thin pancake.
  10. Put on the stove.
  11. Once the whole pancake changed a bit of colour into ivory, turn to the other side using a silicone spatula if possible or some other flexible-blade spatula.
  12. Now all you need to do is repeat this another 15 times or so depending on the size of your pan.

In essence, that’s French crepes so voilà!


History of the recipe

I had never properly known a proper pancake recipe despite the fact that my mum, my brother and I regularly made pancakes throughout all my life. The sound of the pancake batter meeting the hot surface of a cast iron pan is something I was waking up to is one of my favourite memories.

However, my grandma was especially good with pancakes. Everyone admitted that. Everyone enjoyed her pancakes. She would make two huge piles of pancakes – one with butter and one without. She would use 2-3 pans running during this operation too.

Scroll through many years. I moved to the UK and craved pancakes but couldn’t quite remember the recipe. I googled and tried that first recipe. No, that’s not right. Next one – not the one again. I couldn’t quite understand what’s wrong. People who suggested those recipes seem to have made perfectly okay pancakes based on the pictures. And yet, mine wasn’t right in the least.

After 5-8 attempts of trying different recipes and almost settling on the one I realised that I could simply call my grandma and ask her for the recipe. What a simple thing to do! Which reminds me to call her now as well and maybe to write down a couple of other recipes.

Hence, this is the recipe that my grandma passed onto me. Everyone who tries my pancakes, says that they’re the best. So here you go. My pancake recipe.

On the terminology bit: in Russian it is called blini or блины. My pancakes are probably the closest to French crepes. Actually, Paul Bocuse’s recipe is the closest I’ve come across but still not the same as the one I am making these days.


3 eggs
2 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
250 g flour
500 ml milk
3 tbsp water
2 tbsp oil of your choice (for batter)
1 tbsp coconut oil (for pan)
by Anna Parsec
Updated: May 26, 2024
First published on: February 11, 2021

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First published on: February 11, 2021