Research-Admin Balance

PhD Day: 62
Date: 30 April 2024

Apart from going through million of my admin tasks and attending talks at MSSL, I was tortured people of different levels with the question “How do you find time for research when there is a never-ending list of conferences to prep for, abstracts to submit, fellowships to apply, emails to reply, slides to create?” Nobody needed me to finish me listing the admin tasks because it looked like they knew 100% what I am talking about. The answer is that they struggle as well. It sounded like the solution is in working till late or at the weekends. They stressed how important publications are. However, this approach is probably not sustainable and not healthy and it’s all probably not worth it.

On that, it’s probably a good question to shine some light at: why am I doing PhD at the moment? I knew what it was but I feel that my motivation has changed recently. I need to think of a new motivation. Don’t get me wrong – I still badly want to complete it. However, I need to understand the end goal so that I make my priorities clear.