Sensitivity level is high

PhD Day: 81
Date: 29 May 2024

Not sure what was wrong with me today – maybe that’s a bit of sleep deprivation – but I was very sensitive to many things today. For example, I found out that my presentation to the Plasma & Planetary Group on 12th June with my current research was moved to online format. I am very unhappy with that because I envisioned it all being in person and interactive.

The next bit was when I realised that the scale of PhD viva celebrations that was organised for Catherine last week is far from the standard one. We were a bit nudged to do that. When I organised a spreadsheet to do something similar for Priya the next week as she also has viva, nobody wanted to help. Then I found out that the format of Catherine’s celebrations was a little bit of an anomaly. I am just worried about Priya feeling a bit upset since she knows what was done for Catherine.

Otherwise, I went through a very long list of admin tasks that were popping into my head in the past 1-2 days. I managed to have a meeting with Andrew to identify what’s next with all the research projects. For example, he liked my plots but they need to be updated with all the corrections, shifts, calibrations and uncertainties. Something to figure out!