Sudden decision not to fly to the conference

PhD Day: 70
Date: 13 May 2024

It was the day when I was meant to fly to DIAS 3rd outer planet moon – magnetosphere interaction workshop but I was unable to do so because just before boarding the plane to Dublin I started experiencing contractions. Once I was taken to the hospital I had a miscarriage.

Funny enough (if only it was funny), once I felt just about better a couple of hours after, I started checking my emails. My supervisor said that he decided to go to that conference after all. At that moment I realised that I could (or rather James) take the posters I was taking with me to Dublin. If it would be just mine, I wouldn’t care. I was meant to take my other superbvisor’s poster. Hence, I was worried that there is still an opportunity to take them. It didn’t work out. Andrew, my supervisor, printed all the posters in Dublin so it’s all fine.