The simple way to have a good day

PhD Day: 20
Date: 28 February 2024

Somehow I ended up triple booked: 5 hour training on research pipeline, 2 hours trainings on statistical research and a seminar given by the external speaker on AI in science (the topic was way more narrow than that). I’ve managed to be very active in my 5-hour course, attend that in-person seminar and finish off with that statistics talk. I even managed to have lunch in between.

After all of that I had time to chat to Connor who I haven’t properly spoken to since I started (he was on holiday). He shared how he felt and feels about doing the research and I realised how similar it all sounds: guilt, procrastination, frustration. After listening and discussing those things I decided no longer to offer excuses to my choices but make a conscious decision on what and when I do. I’ll just do what is important first to feel great about my day. That’s what James Clear said:

“If you want a simple formula for having a good day, then get a workout done and do your most important task before lunch. Knock out those two things by noon and you really feel like you’re ahead of the day.”

I’ll just do that!